Have you had a chance to create photo albums for your children?

Thousands of photos give you a trouble?

Don't worry, ...because we can help you!

We'll Remove Your
Feeling of Guilt

Imagine a life where you can see only photos of your lovely moments with your family when you open your photo gallery. You see no more random photos such as food photos, screenshots, or pictures that you took to remind yourself for some practical reasons.

Our app is perfectly designed for families with small children. A beautifully arranged timeline keeps track of each of your children’s progress. In addition, Grandparents who do not live close to you, and you and your husband out for work, can feel close with your child all the time because of the Memom’s private photo sharing function.

If you want to gift a photobook for your grandparents after your family holidays, Memom is there for your every need.

With Memom, you can have this life.

What makes Memom unique?

Please watch the video and discover the answer!!

Your feeling of guilt will never be eased unless your important photos are tidied up and saved in one place for you and your family to see. Our product will make this problem solved by focusing on these three areas.

1. Select only photos you need

You are suffering from too many photos across many devices. The technologies enable us to expedite the process to identify only photos you need. Facial recognition, for example, can identify only photos that include your loved ones’ faces out of numerous random photos.


2. Collect your precious memories

We provide a place where you can effortlessly gather together precious photos of your family and relive your best memories anytime. You can hand over to your children their own history when they grow up as well.


3. Share privately

You don’t need to worry about the privacy concerns that you might feel when you post photos on Facebook, Instagram, or Google Photos.

Our Current Product
- Beta App -

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A beautiful Timeline automatically arranges photos by the date they were taken

Adding Children

We made it easy to organize photos by each child

Collage Card

Share Collage Cards with your loved ones

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